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Dickhaut Library

J.W. Dickhaut Library - Methodist Theological School in Ohio (MTSO) - 3081 Columbus Pike, Delaware OH 43015 - (740) 362-3450 -

UMC Anti-Racism Video Library

Understanding Racism 
Blackness and Anti-Blackness 101 webinar, (Louisiana Conference)

Whiteness 101 webinar, (Louisiana Conference)

White Fragility/White Supremacy webinar, (Louisiana Conference)

Navigating 2 Viruses: Regathering in the Midst of Racism and Pandemic, (Discipleship Ministries)

Defining Anti-Racism

Defining Anti-Racism: Anti-Racism 101 for Allies, (New York Conference)

Prophetic Speech: An Anti-Racism Workshop, (Glendale UMC, Nashville, TN)

How to Be an Ally
How to be an Ally: Anti-Racist Action and Reaction, (Greater New Jersey Conference)

Strategies for Interrupting and Dismantling Racism: Anti-Racism 101 for Allies, (New York Conference)

Building our Capacity to Do Anti-Racism Work: Anti-Racism 101 for Allies, (New York Conference)