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Biblical Exegesis

A guide to resources and approached to exegesis.

Welcome to Biblical Exegesis

In this guide, you will find a variety of resources and starting points for doing biblical exegesis.

Home: Check out the videos on hermeneutics below this introduction.

Biblical Background: Resources for understanding the context in which the Bible was written and samples of commentaries in the MTSO collection.

Greek Exegesis: Includes a guide to a Greek lexicon and other resources to engage the Greek text.

Hebrew Exegesis: Look here for a guide to the BHS, a Hebrew lexicon, and other resources.

Hermeneutics: This page is devoted to interpretational approaches to the Bible. 

History of Interpretation: Resources and commentaries that deal specifically with how the Bible has been interpreted through time.

Bible Translation: Resources on translations and the act of translating the Bible.

Hermeneutics Videos