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J.W. Dickhaut Library

Theology & Disability



This research guide contains a variety of resources about theology and disability. The guide is meant to be both professionally and personally useful as you research and lead. Within this guide, there are books, articles, websites, videos, and more. They are either available in the library or online. We hope that this is a helpful guide for all who seek to learn more about the intersections between theology and disability. As always, let us know if you have any questions or suggestions. We are happy to help/listen.

Common Subject Headings

In the area of theology and disability, there are some shared subject headings that may be helpful as you search for materials. These subject headings will be shared among a variety of resources. Simply conduct a subject search using these terms as a phrase, or put all the terms in quotation marks (e.g., "Church work with people with disabilities"). By doing this, you should discover all the relevant resources with the shared subject heading.

  • Church work with children with mental disabilities
  • Church work with people with disabilities
  • Church work with people with mental disabilities -- Protestant churches
  • Disabilities -- Biblical teaching
  • Disabilities -- Religious aspects -- Christianity
  • People with disabilities -- Biblical teaching
  • People with disabilities -- Religious aspects
  • People with disabilities -- Religious aspects -- Christianity
  • People with disabilities -- Religious life

*As an alternative, you can also simply use the words "theology" and "disability" in a keyword search.