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J.W. Dickhaut Library

Biblical Interpretation

Searching Scripture on ATLA

ATLA Hierarchical Scripture Authority

To search for ATLA articles or citations that include your Bible verse selection:

  1. Go to ATLA Super Search.
  2. In the top navigation bar (black nav. bar), Select Scriptures ⇒ ATLA Hierarchical Scripture Authority.
  3. Locate the biblical book you are looking for and click on the Expand button.
  4. Find your chapter and click on Expand.
  5. Click on the verse.
  6. This will find articles covering that verse or a range of verses including that verse. OR
  7. Under More at the top, Select Scriptures ⇒ Old Testament (excluding Deuterocanonical books) OR
  8. Under More at the top, Select Scriptures ⇒ New Testament books are listed in canonical order. Select needed verse range.