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Finding, Accessing, & Using E-Books

A guide to finding ebooks through OPAL and some examples of specific providers of ebooks.

JSTOR Ebook Information

When you have found a JSTOR ebook, the link within the item record will say "OHIOLINK BOOKS @ JSTOR." Click on this link and log in if prompted. The ebook's homepage will load. On this page, you can view more information about the ebook in the Book Info section and retrieve a citation if needed. You can also view the full Table of Contents.

To view the ebook, you may have several options, including reading online and downloading. The ability to download is not limited in JSTOR. Your downloads will also come as PDFs that you can keep for as long as you need them. They will not be subject to a limited download period. For more information about downloading, see the Downloading JSTOR Ebooks box below. 

Viewing JSTOR Ebooks Online

To view a JSTOR ebook online, first scroll down to the Table of Contents on the ebook's homepage. Then, select any of the title links of the chapters/articles. 

Image of JSTOR Read Online Option

The JSTOR ebook will open in a new window with the table of contents to the left and ebook to the right. From here, you can move to other sections of the book by clicking on the links in the Table of Contents to the left or using the arrows to the left and right in the ebook viewing window. You can also download the section that you are viewing by selecting the Download PDF button in the top right.

Image of Viewing JSTOR Ebook

Creating a JSTOR Account

To take advantage of all of the options through JSTOR, you will need to create a free account. This will allow you to save sources and notes. These will all appear in your virtual Workspace. You can also edit your profile and email preferences if desired.

This account will work for other JSTOR databases as well.

Downloading JSTOR Ebooks

Number of Copies Download Period
Unlimited Unlimited Permanent Downloads

You can save and download sections/chapters of the ebook by clicking on the options underneath the Table of Contents on the ebook homepage. You will want to Register and then Login to take advantage of all ebook viewing/saving options. See the Creating a JSTOR Account box in the top right for more information.

If you decide to download a PDF, you can save and view it in your preferred PDF program and use the tools therein to highlight, notate, etc. If you register and log in, you can save the book to your account for later use. See the Creating a JSTOR Account box above for more information.

Saving & Sharing JSTOR Ebooks

In JSTOR, you have the option to share and save ebooks. To take full advantage of these options, you will need to register for a free account. See the Creating a JSTOR Account box above.

Once you have created an account and opened an ebook by selecting a Read Online link, you should see options to Save and Share about the ebook viewing window. 
Image of Save Ebook Option in JSTOR

You can also save an ebook by selecting the link below the chapter/article in the Table of Contents.

Image of Save Ebook Option JSTOR

All saved ebooks will appear in your Workspace. To view your Workspace, simply hover over your name in the top right and select Workspace. You can then create folders to further organize the items in your Workspace.