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J.W. Dickhaut Library

Routledge Handbooks

This is a collection of Routledge Handbooks on topics that are pertinent to major themes at MTSO. Available as ebooks through OhioLINK.

A Guide to the Routledge Handbooks Available Online

Through OhioLINK, MTSO students have access to a large number of Routledge Handbooks.  Below are two boxes explaining how to access these ebooks, followed by a list of many of the newer titles available.  The thumbnails of the handbooks on the list are linked to OhioLINK's catalogue, so just click on a title of interest to be taken to that page.  If the main list is too much, there are subpages to the left which divide out handbooks on religion, environmental issues, and social justice. 

Accessing Routledge Ebooks Online Through OhioLINK


When you click on one of the titles below, the link will take you to a page that looks like the photo below.  This is OhioLINK's catalogue page.  The orange arrow is pointing toward the links for accessing the ebook.  If you are accessing remotely, you will need to use the off-campus link.  You will then be prompted to login through your institution.Screenshot with an arrow pointing to ebook access

Accessing Routledge Ebooks Online Through OhioLINK: Login

When you click on the link above, you will be prompted to login if you are off-campus.  The login page should look like the screenshot below.  Select "Methodist Theological School in Ohio."  You will then be prompted to enter your MTSO credentials.  After logging in in this manner, you should have access to the ebook through Routledge's website.  

A screenshot of the OhioLINK login page 

Main List