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J.W. Dickhaut Library

Remote Resources for Off-Campus Students

A guide for getting the information you need wherever you are in the United States.

MTSO Resources for Off-Campus Students

     Students at MTSO have a wide variety of resources available to them whether they are physically present on campus or connecting to peers and resources from a remote location.  This guide was created to help students understand some of the remote resources are available to them when they are not physically present on campus.  These include:


1. ATLA's Reciprocal Borrowing Program: MTSO students can check out physical books from participating theological libraries.  This means that even those outside the Columbus area can take advantage of great theological collections and get their hands on physical books.

2. Finding, Accessing, & Using Ebooks: Beyond physical books, there are many scholarly books available through ebook format.  Different ebook publishers have different ways of accessing those books, but the tab on the left can help you navigate a few of the most common methods.  

3. Routledge Handbooks: MTSO students have access to a great collection of Routledge Handbooks in electronic form.  Click on the tab to the left to browse what is available.

4. Using the ATLA Religion Database: One of the databases available at MTSO is the ATLA Religion Database.  This guide walks you through the various facets of this particular database.  There are other databases available through the Dickhaut Library at MTSO.  You can check those out too from the library's homepage or by clicking this link: 

     For more information on any of these topics, click on the corresponding tab to the left.